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The FASTER project

FASTER addresses the challenges associated with the protection of first responders in hazardous environments, while at the same time enhancing their capabilities in terms of situational awareness and communication. FASTER provides innovative, accepted, and efficient tools for :

  • Data collection providing a secure IoT platform for distributed, real-time gathering and processing of heterogeneous physiological and critical environmental data from smart textiles, wearables, sensors and Social Media;
  • Risk assessment providing tools for individual health assessment and disaster scene analysis for early warning and risk mitigation.
  • Resilient communication at the field level providing haptic communication capabilities, emergency communication devices, communication with K9s; and at the infrastructure level through 5G technologies and UAVs.
  • Efficient Cooperation and Interoperability amongst first responders, LEA, community members and other resource providers to request and deliver assistance where and when it is most needed using blockchain technology to give everyone involved the ability to write and read data (including sensor data) on an open source platform to speed up disaster relief to a whole new level.
  • Tactical situational awareness providing innovative visualisation services for a portable Common Operational Picture for both indoor and outdoor scenarios representation.
  • Operational capabilities providing flexible, multi-functional autonomous vehicles, including swarms of them, for extended inspection capabilities and physical mitigation.
  • Improved ergonomics providing augmented reality tools for enhanced information streaming, as well as body and gesture-based interfaces for vehicle navigation and communication.

In this project, CS GROUP is in charge of developing the Augmented Reality capabilities of the FASTER system. Our ambition is to provide First Responders with fast, non-disruptive and reliable AR information to support them so that they can focus on their safety tasks and keep their hands free. This includes AR navigation assistance to easily navigate within large hazardous buildings.