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The CALLISTO project

CALLISTO project aims to Offer highly interoperable Big Data platform between DIAS infrastructures and Copernicus users. Callisto project integrates Copernicus data, already indexed in ONDA-DIAS, utilising HPC infrastructures to enhanced scalability when needed. Complementary heterogeneous distributed data sources are combined with EO data (Earth Observation) from ONDA (including Galileo positioning, videos from UAVs, Web and social media, in situ data sensors …).

AI methods are applied to extract meaningful knowledge (concepts, changes, activities, events, 3D-models, videos and animations). The outcomes are semantically-enriched and delivered to the end users in Mixed Reality UI and offering new Virtual and Augmented Reality applications to water utility operators, journalists for the media sector, EU agriculture and CAP policymakers, and security agencies.

The CALLISTO consortium consists of 16 partners from 7 European countries and South Korea. The consortium has a strong presence of industrial partners, SMEs and is well-balanced with researchers from Academia. In particular, 8 companies participate as full partners: SERCO, CS, ACCELI, DW, DWG, SMAT, NURO, and DRAXIS. Out of them, 3 companies are SMEs: NURO, ACCELI and DRAXIS. In addition, 7 academic partners offer high-quality research from EU and Asia (CERTH, Fraun, BSC, InfAI, NOA, RBINS, KU). Finally, the consortium involves an EU agency (SatCen), with extensive experience in H2020 projects.